Release Limiting Beliefs (and finally feel free!)


What’s Holding You Back?


Welcome to the course on limiting beliefs! This course has the potential to change your life in so many ways. By the end, you will be a completely different person.


Limiting beliefs are conscious or subconscious beliefs that hold you back in some way. They are ideas that limit you. Thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential.


These beliefs are often burned deeply into us and they restrict us from blooming into who we were truly meant to be.


All of us have limiting beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs originate in our childhood, instilled into us by our parents or friends. Other times these beliefs are the result of trauma we experience. Sometimes there is no obvious explanation for where these beliefs come from.


Whatever the case, these beliefs are damaging to us. They keep us from achieving our hopes, dreams, and goals. They make us fearful and hesitant. They stop us from taking action. They even affect our relationships with others.


If we wish to achieve our true potential, we must destroy the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.


We must be set free from the lies and falsehoods that we believe, both about ourselves and about the world. We must learn to see things as they truly are rather than as we think they are.


Brian Tracy said, “You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.”


If we truly want to fly in life, to rise to our true potential, to fly to great heights, then we must leave behind the limiting beliefs that hold us back.


In this course, you’ll discover 14 common destructive limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving all that we want to achieve.


We’ll talk about common ideas around that limiting belief, how to rewrite the limiting belief into one that empowers you, specific action steps to take, and affirmations that will help destroy the limiting belief and instill your new, empowering belief.


Each of these lessons contains important action tips to help you learn and use these valuable strategies. Be sure to go through all the lessons with an open mind and try out the techniques. Remember, nothing happens until you take action.




Let’s dive in.

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Worksheet Questions



What are limiting beliefs?



 Where do limiting beliefs originate?



 Why are limiting beliefs so damaging?


Why must we destroy limiting beliefs if we want to reach our true potential?

17 Lessons

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Lesson 1

I don't have enough time

Lesson 2

I'm Too Old

Lesson 3

Past Failure Means Future Failure

Lesson 4

My Past Will Always Negatively Influence My Future

Lesson 5

My Resources Are Limited

Lesson 6

Lack of Major Progress = Failure

Lesson 7

I Compare Myself to Others

Lesson 8

Understanding Responsibility

Lesson 9

Success is Your Birthright

Lesson 10

I Am Good Enough

Lesson 11

Are You an Over-giver?

Lesson 12

So You Think You Can Do It All?

Lesson 13

You Are Smart Enough

Lesson 14

Just Do One Thing

Lesson 15

Go Forth and Conquer

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